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For many centuries, people have been fascinated not only by the appearance of amber, its distinctive properties, but also by the history of its origin. The path of amber formation is long and complicated, reaching 1 million years. One of the oldest examples is dolomite amber – it is over 230 million years old – from the Italian Alps. Meanwhile, the age of Baltic amber found in Lithuania is 50-55 million.
The origin of amber is also evidenced by a Greek legend, which says that after the son’s death of the sun god Phaidon, his sisters turned into poplars and began to cry with the most impressive golden tears – amber. Greek legends only once again prove the timeless value of amber.
It is no surprise that this mineral called Baltic gold is highly valued. And not just because of its useful properties. Amber can be considered a chronicle of history and culture, which was formed year after year, layer by layer, saw and preserved the past, but now it is ready for the present.
DES MOS (translated from ancient Greek, means “connection”) amber products are like a time capsule combining the old traditions born in the countries of the Amber Road with the modern everyday life. DES MOS offers original, modern, and unexpected recycled (pressed) and natural amber products which, however, kept the flow of time.
The popularity of amber is growing every year and its resources are limited, therefore, it is very important to use every piece of amber responsibly. DES MOS offers modern design pressed and natural amber products that are created using innovative processing technologies.
Pressed amber is small pieces of amber, which due to its smallness is not suitable to use in jewelry production. These pieces are fused and pressed into amber ingots, from which products of the original design are born. In this way, all the wealth that nature gives us is preserved and used up to the last piece.
In DES MOS assortment you will find not only recycled but also the highest quality natural amber products. From ancient times, amber has been used not only to improve beauty but also to improve well-being. Did you know that amber is a great antioxidant that provides energy and helps to stay younger longer?
DES MOS ensures the quality of goods – all products are made of real Baltic amber and are certified – the authenticity of amber is proved by a certificate issued by the Lithuanian Assay Office (Lietuvos prabavimo rūmai).