Terms & Conditions

    1.1. All legal and natural persons can buy in the e-shop www.desmos.lt. Minors between the ages of 14 and 18 shopping at the e-shop must have parental consent.

1.2. The Seller may temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of the e-shop without notifying the Buyer in advance.

1.3. The Seller reserves the right to restrict the Buyer’s access to the e-shop at any time without prior notice to the Buyer.

1.4. The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement these rules at any time. The Buyer, each time using the e-shop services, undertakes to get familiarized with the rules and their current version.

1.5. By placing an order in the e-shop without registration, the Buyer confirms that he/she is properly familiarized with the rules and privacy policy and undertakes to comply with them.

1.6. If the Buyer does not agree with the e-shop rules and privacy policy, placing an order and purchasing goods is not possible.

1.7. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the Buyer’s data provided in the e-shop is accurate, correct, and complete.

1.8. If the Buyer’s personal data (such as an address, telephone number, etc.) changes, the Buyer must inform the Seller by e-mail info@desmos.lt. Otherwise, the Seller accepts no liability for lost shipments, undelivered goods’ or other consequences thereof.

    2.1. To buy the goods in the e-shop, the Buyer must add them to his/her shopping cart, select the desired quantity, enter the required fields necessary to complete the order, and prepay his/her order.

2.2. In the e-shop, the Purchase and Sale agreement is considered concluded from the moment when the customer makes a successful payment for the goods.

2.3. The goods are considered ordered when the Buyer receives a confirmation of successful payment at the e-mail address specified at the time of purchase. Payment is deemed to have been made from the moment when the funds are actually credited to the Seller’s bank account.

2.4. At the customer’s request, the order can be submitted via e-mail by paying VAT pre-invoice. The Buyer can contact us via e-mail info@desmos.lt or phone +370 684 27525.

2.5. The order execution term is calculated from the day of successful payment, i. e. from the moment of concluding the Purchase – Sale agreement.

2.6. If the Buyer does not pay the set fee within 2 business days, the order is canceled.

2.7. The Buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided when ordering.

    3.1. The goods can be purchased in the e-shop only after paying for them in advance (except for the cases when the Buyer requests to pay for the goods by pre-invoice; see paragraph 2.4.).

3.2. When placing an order in the e-shop, the Buyer can pay using the following payment systems:

3.2.1. Paysera;

3.2.2. PayPal.

    4.1. Goods are delivered throughout Lithuania within 1-3 business days.

4.2. Goods are delivered abroad within 5-14 business days.

4.3. When ordering delivery of goods in Lithuania, the Buyer can choose the ordered goods:

4.3.1. Pick up at the selected parcel machine (DPD, Omniva, LP Express).

4.3.2. Deliver the goods by courier to the address specified by the Buyer (LIETUVOS PAŠTAS).

4.4. When ordering delivery of goods abroad, the Goods shall be delivered to the address specified by the Buyer. It is up to the Seller to choose which courier company to use, depending on the deadlines and economic aspects.

4.5. The Buyer, having chosen the method of delivery of goods by courier, undertakes to indicate the exact address for delivery of the goods. The Buyer must pick up the goods at the delivery time agreed with the courier.

4.6. Goods that are delivered to the Buyer to parcel machine can be picked up at any time of the day. Goods must be picked up from the terminal no later than within the storage period specified by the operator of parcel machines.

4.7. By disclosing the order number or parcel machine door code to another person, including in cases where the Buyer provides an incorrect telephone number during shopping, the Buyer assumes responsibility and has no right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of goods to the wrong recipient.

4.8. Before signing the delivery documents, the Buyer must inspect the condition of the outer packaging of the shipment and, if it is damaged, the Buyer has the right to inspect the contents of the order and its quality. If the Buyer notices defects in the goods or discrepancies between the shipment and the order, the Buyer must not accept the goods and inform the Seller about it by the phone or e-mail address specified in these Rules.


5.1. Buyer can buy gift coupons for the desired amount here https://desmos.lt/produkto-kategorija/dovanu-kuponai/

5.2. The validity period of the “Des Mos” gift coupon is 1 year from the date of conclusion of the Purchase – Sale agreement (see paragraph 2.2 of the rules).

5.3. The gift coupon is one-time use only.

5.4. If the full amount of the gift coupon is not used, the remaining amount will not be refunded to the Buyer.

5.5. If the formed shopping cart is larger than the amount of the gift coupon, the missing part of the amount is paid by the Buyer.

5.6. The gift coupon is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-extendable.

5.7. The Seller reserves the right to create discount codes. Their rules and terms are individual.

5.8. By sending the discount code to the Buyer, the Seller undertakes to clearly and comprehensibly inform the Buyer about the terms and conditions of the discount code, validity period, discount amount, etc.

5.9. Cancellation and return of the order when the product has been paid for with a gift coupon:

5.9.1 In case of cancellation or return of the order, the money is not refunded to the Buyer. He/she receives a refund of the gift coupon for the same amount.

5.9.2 If the order has been additionally paid for in cash, the same part of the amount shall be refunded to the bank account specified by the Buyer.

    6.1. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Notice, which is published on the website www.desmos.lt.

7.1. The Buyer, wishing to submit a complaint, may contact the Seller by e-mail info@desmos.lt. The answer to the Buyer’s complaint is provided within 3 business days.

7.2. Any dispute, disagreement, request arising out of and in connection with these Rules, their validity or violation, shall be settled through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be finally settled in the court of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Lithuania.

7.3. Every consumer has the right to submit a complaint to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus Str. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail tarnyba@vvtat.lt, phone 852626751, on the website www.vvtat.lt.

    8.1. These Rules have been drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these Rules.